Thank you for your sponsorship for this season. 



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Thank you for your sponsorship for this season. 

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​​     ​Welcome to Northern Ace Volleyball Academy. We are a Junior (Youth) Volleyball Program affiliated with the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball (USAV).

The Club Director

     For the 2018-2019 season, Shawna Guffey will fill the role of the Club Director in the organization. Shawna is committed to the healthy growth of volleyball in Yavapai County, the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball, and nationwide. With an immense working knowledge of our sport and the structures within which she works, she intends to further promote the philosophy and purpose of Northern Ace Volleyball Academy.

Our Mission​​

     Our mission at Northern Ace Volleyball Academy is to establish a supportive environment in which young student-athletes are provided a comprehensive education in competitive volleyball. We aim to enhance and develop values that foster leadership, responsibility, self-discipline and an appreciation for health and wellness that can support each athlete in attaining their personal goals both on and off of the court.

To achieve this mission Northern Ace will:

  • Generate a staff of tremendously qualified and motivated coaches, who consistently demonstrate the highest level of personal conduct and integrity. 
  • Inspire young student-athletes to work towards fulfilling their greatest potential, as a volleyball players, and proactive community leaders. 
  • Create and sustain positive, competitive atmosphere in which all members of Northern Ace Volleyball Academy are challenged and encouraged to emphasize self-worth, mutual respect, sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • Work towards recognition as a premier "teaching" club in the AZ Region through cohesive, and cooperative interaction among the coaching staff, and the provision of practices, which develop the highest possible level of technique in both individual skills and team strategy. 
  • Educate every member of Northern Ace in matters directly relating to the development of life-long health for young athletes, including injury prevention, nutrition, eating habits, and mental conditioning. 

Our Philosophy

      Northern Ace Volleyball Academy is dedicated to providing quality physical and emotional training to young athletes who are interested in learning the skills of volleyball, values of teamwork, responsibility and self-discipline. We have developed a program dedicated to the core values of teamwork, communication, self-responsibility, challenging yourself and working passionately towards a common goal. 

      Our program recognizes the effect that we have on athletes. Our training and teachings extend far beyond the gym as we strive to help young athletes develop “life skills”. We do this by teaching them to set difficult but achievable goals and the value of working hard. Hard work is the foundation for all our training as it is the key to the development of self-confidence, courage and self-esteem

The following are additional elements of our Club's philosophy:

The Coaching Staff

      Northern Ace Volleyball Academy is committed to providing knowledgeable and experienced coaches who will assist in the physical, social, and emotional development of the young athlete. We use a “"Team Training"” philosophy, meaning that we teach all skills and techniques the same way for all of our teams. As the athlete develops and progresses through the program we begin to implement tactical and technical techniques that help our athletes to reach their individual playing goals. Our coaches also use Goal Setting as a primary way to motivate and communicate with each athlete. We strongly believe in developing both the mental and physical abilities of each of our athletes.

Player Growth and Success

      We recognize that there are a number of important lessons that come from playing team sports. The ability to recognize working hard as an immediate goal will be stressed throughout the season. A desire to win is a significant motivating force behind hard work. We believe in winning and having an enjoyable experience but these are recognized as by-products of the immediate goal of hard work. We focus on creating an environment where hard work, fun and winning can take place. Within these three concepts lies the foundation for player growth and success. 

Playing Time

      While every player will get opportunities to play at a tournament, the specific role they will play will vary throughout the year. At the Regional levels play time will be part of the developmental process and all players will be given the opportunity to play. Players that are absent from practice (whether excused or unexcused) will miss out on opportunities to earn a greater role. It is responsibility of the coach to identify the strongest line-up and implement a strategy that puts the team in the best position to be successful. 

      Every player has a role. Understanding the role and the expectations of it are a joint responsibility of both player and coach. When a player is disgruntled over her role on the team, the appropriate response is to clarify her role with the coach and work as hard as possible to effectuate a change. 

Northern Ace does not guarantee equal playing time for everyone. Players are evaluated in several areas throughout the season that establish the role and amount of court time earned by each player:

  • Fundamental athletic ability and improvement of skill level
  • Consistency of performance and development in practice
  • Ability to effectively contribute to a positive, competitive team chemistry
  • Overall ability to consistently perform in their given role

Multi-Sport Athletes

Northern Ace welcomes multi sport athletes and works to develop schedules and policies that are amenable to those with  additional athletic commitments. With the decision to participate in multiple sports come the added responsibilities of added time management and priority setting. What is expected however, is that the player will do everything possible to fulfill her commitment to her Northern Ace team. The consequences for missing a practice or tournament due to additional sport activities are no different than for other excused absences.

These consequences go beyond having to sit out a game. When athletes miss opportunities to practice, they miss opportunities to improve. This affects team continuity and performance, which in turn, affects their respective role on the team.